Pine Point Lodge, Resort & Motel
   Crane Lake, Minnesota
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Pine Point Lodge Minnesota

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                                     No roads, or cars. Secluded, peaceful, relaxing...
                                                                                                                       the perfect getaway!
Come to Pine Point Lodge, Resort & Motel and Resort

Canadian Customs at Sand Point Hours of Operation: 7:00am 7:00pm 218-374-3019

Conservation licenses: 1 day = $21.20; 8 day $29.10; Season $48.30 NON CONSERVATION licenses: 1 day 21.20; 8 day $50.25; season $78.50 ALL LICENSEES NEED AN OUT DOOR CARD - $10.15 GOOD FOR 3 YEARS

Required paperwork: passport
Optional additional paperwork: RABC, Remote Area Border Crossing, permit allows you to bypass customs when they are not open. NOTE: With an RABC permit you still MUST check into Canadian Customs if they are open.
Must apply for permit ahead of time; $30
Valid for one year Two forms of ID are required to apply for RABC permit, go to to apply & for additional information

US Permanent Residence Card
Record of Landing
Citizenship Card
Citizen Certificate
US Certificate of Naturalization
Drivers License
Social Security Card

  • Food: All food is allowed, however potatoes must be commercially packaged
  • Bait: Worms must commercially packaged
  • Pets: Must have a valid rabies certificate within one year
  • Alcohol: One case of beer, 40oz of liquor, or 1.5L of wine are allowed for those over 19 years of age without having to pay duty taxes
  • Firewood: not allowed

United States Customs at Crane Lake
Hours of Operation: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Required paper work: passport Optional Additional paper work: You can purchase an I-68 permit which allows you to check into U.S. Customs after office hours are closed via telephone. Cost $16 valid for one year

NOTE: An RABC permit means nothing for US Customs it is ONLY for Canadian customs

- Canadian bait not allowed in U.S.
- Pets: have a valid rabies certificate within one year
Upon returning from Canada, if you did not touch soil in Canada, you are not required to check back into U.S. Customs. HOWEVER, if you go to any other dock, other than Canadian Customs dock, whether you stay in your boat or not, or if you touch any land, you MUST check back into US customs.

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